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Scientists Developed An AI So Advanced They Say It's Too Dangerous to Release (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
China Unveils The World's First Female AI News Anchor As Global Shift Towards Robots And Artificial Intelligence Accelerates Incl.(VIDEO), Feb.21

"Extreme Strange Sighting In Australia" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Macron Persuading France To Ban The Words ‘Mother’ And ‘Father’ On Official Documents Replacing Them With ‘Parent 1’ And ‘Parent 2’ Incl.(VIDEO), Feb.20

Mid-East Prophecy Update - February 17th, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Feb.18



Jared Kushner Will Present His Mysterious Middle East Peace Plan For Israel And Palestine During Passover After Israel's April Elections, Feb.14

Prophecy Alert: “Syrian Army Sends Reinforcements To Golan Border” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Explosive New Book ‘In The Closet Of The Vatican’ Reveals That 80% Of Catholic Priests Are Homosexuals And Many Use Male Prostitutes Incl.(VIDEO), Feb.13

Bible Prophecy Update - February 10th, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Feb.11

Massive Tank Shipment and Russia Breaking with Iran (VIDEO) Youtube/Israeli News Live
Massive Fireball Soars Through The Sky Over Venezuela (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Private company launches "largest fleet of satellites in human history" to photograph Earth Incl.(VIDEO), Feb.10

Mysterious Loud Booms Reported Across The Country (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Amazing fligts with birds on board a microlight. Christian Moullec avec ses oiseaux (VIDEO) Youtube, Feb.09


Breaking: "Venezuela Maduro Troops On The Move" Near Colombia Border (Raw Footage) (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mid-East Prophecy Update – February 3rd, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Feb.04

Breaking: "California Chaos" Winter Storm Brings The Apocalypse Now ! (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
The End of All Things in Sight (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor Charles Lawson, Feb.03

When Is Jesus Coming Back? (VIDEO) Youtube/Robert Breaker, Feb.02

Revered RABBI Says Messiah (ANTICHRIST?) Here NOW & Will APPEAR on Purim (March) 2019! | Peck Report (VIDEO) Youtube/Josh Peck, Feb.01

Breaking “China Has Confirmed (Worlds Most Powerful Rail Gun) (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.31

"Unexplained Green Fireballs" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.29

Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 27th, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.28

Prophecy: "Nibiru" Rabbi Warns Of End Of DAYS" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Antichrist will appear before the Israeli elections? (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson, Jan.27

LA Marzulli January 26 2019 New Update The Afghan Giant (VIDEO) Youtube, Jan.26

Apocalypse now? Doomsday Clock At Two Minutes To Midnight, Declared A 'New Abnormal' (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77, Jan.25

WORLD WAR 3: As Israel Continues To Take Out Military Targets In Damascus, Both Syria And Iran Say They Are Ready To Go To War With The Jews Incl.(VIDEO)
Satellite Images Reveal China Is Building Secret War Bunkers Near Indian Border (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77, Jan.24

"The Generation That Shall Not Pass Away" by Maj. Amir Tsarfati (VIDEO) Youtube, Jan.23

CERN Wants To Build A Particle Collider That's Four Times Larger Than The LHC (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Breaking "Mega Quake 6.4 Hits Indonesia" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.22

Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 20th, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD
Prophecy Alert: "Russia Joins Syria Forces Against Israel" (Blood Moon) (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.21

Strange Sounds and Mystery Booms Are Increasing Again (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Donald Trump - You will Receive the Mark of The Beast by 2020! Many Will Die! Calm Before The Storm! (VIDEO) Youtube
Mark Biltz & Paul Begley: Prophecy: "Super Blood Moon Harbinger For America" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Breaking: “Washington Super Blood Wolf Moon” (Harbingers Of Doom) (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.20

The TRUMP ECLIPSE Jan 2019 - End Time SIGN of Blood Moons CONFIRMED (VIDEO) Youtube/Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries
Something PROPHETIC is Happening on January 20th (VIDEO) Youtube, Jan.19

U.S. ambassador to Israel: Trump's peace plan to be presented in months
Breaking "Space Wars" USA New Space Laser Weapons Counter Iran, North Korea (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.18

Breaking: "Trump's Middle East Peace Plan Revealed" (Leaked (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.17

Breaking “Mega 6.8 Quake Hits Vanuatu” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.15

Breaking "Trump Super BLOOD Moon Prophecy" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Research details the 'rapid increase in homelessness' in certain U.S. cities Incl.(VIDEO) Yahoo Finance
End Times Bible Prophecy Update 1 13 19 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.14

Prophecy Alert: "Blood Moon Over America" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.13

The Recent Plague Of Locusts At Mecca In Saudi Arabia Is Further Proof That Allah Is Not The God Of The Bible Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.12

Breaking "Locust Plague Hits Mecca" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Germany Defense Minister Reveals That They Are Working With France To Create A United European Union Army Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.11

Oprah Made Brazilian ‘Miracle Healer’ Named ‘John Of God’ A Celebrity, Now He Prepares To Go To Trial Over Rape And Sexual Assault Allegations Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.10

United Russia Official Tabbed for Microchip Implant Experiment -- The future is here, and it's less than 4,000 kilometers east of Moscow. A Siberian ruling United Party official reportedly plans to volunteer for an experiment in which he will insert a microchip into his skin containing, among other information, his credit card...
195gigapixels Shanghai (PHOTO), Jan.09

It Begins! Indiana IGA Can't Process Food Stamps, SNAP Could Be Cut to Millions (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Head Of The Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill Warns That Antichrist Will ‘Control Human Beings’ Through Our Smart Devices Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.08

China's President Orders Military to "Prepare for War" (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
Breaking “Mayhem And Mass Surveillance 5-G China Technology” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 6th, 2019 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.07

Breaking "Mega Quake 6.6 Hits Indonesia" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Breaking: "Powerful 5.8 Quake Shakes Iran" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
2019 Rapture??? (VIDEO) Youtube/Robert Breaker, Jan.06

Multiple Rivers Turn Blood Red In Malawi and Indonesia, Leaving Residents Baffled (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHBOO77
China’s Unveils Devastating New Super Bomb As Beijing’s Answer To America’s ‘Mother Of All Bombs’ (VIDEO), Jan.05

Breaking "Suspected Ebola Patient In Swedish Hospital" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.04

Muslims In Uganda Demand Christians Stop Saying That 'Jesus Is The Son Of God' Or Face Death Through Jihad (VIDEO), Jan.03

Breaking: "Trump Wants Netanyahu To "Reveal Peace Plan" As Campaign Slogan (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.02

Bible Prophecy Update – December 30th 2018 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD
Microchip implants for currency take off in Sweden -- STOCKHOLM, Sweden (NBC News) – - Thousands of people in Sweden have opted to trade in their ID and credit cards for tiny microchips implanted underneath their skin..., Jan.01