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Bank of America has found the formula for a market meltdown — and we're dangerously close AOL News, Jan.21

3 Reasons Why The Rapture Of The Church Must Take Place Before The Start Of The Time Of Jacob’s Trouble, Jan.20

BREAKING “Mega 6.5 Quake Hits Mexico (Gulf Of California) (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.19

Prophecy Alert: “Temple Mount Jews Singing” Police Are Called (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Powerful gale lashes Europe, 7 dead amid traffic chaos -- THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — A powerful storm pummeled Europe with high winds and snow Thursday, killing at least seven people in three countries, grounding flights, halting trains, ripping roofs off buildings and flipping over trucks., Jan.18

Google Creating Mark Of The Beast 'Smart City' In Canada As Pilot Test Project For Global Application Incl.(VIDEO)
BREAKING "Explosion Over Detroit Michigan" Whaaaaaaaaat? (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mohammed Is Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In Holland For 2nd Straight Year Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.17

FALSE MISSILE ALERT Japan’s national broadcaster mistakenly warns of North Korea missile launch just days after Hawaii blunder -- The blunder comes just days after a false nuke alarm sparked panic in Hawaii
Breaking "Fake Instagram account" Another Paul Begley impostor (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.16

Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 14th, 2018 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.15

Pope Francis Says That 'Rejection Of Migrants' Is Now A Sin As Vatican Pushes For Open Borders Incl.(VIDEO)
BREAKING “NASA Reveals Space Craft Probe Speeds 430,000 MPH” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.14

Oprah's House Just Got Hit! -- Oprah Winfrey's Santa Barbara house was one of the homes hit by the deadly California mudslides, just two days after her rousing speech had everyone wondering whether or not she would run for president in 2020.The California mudslides have killed at least 13 people so far... Incl.(VIDEO)
Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean: Islands escape major damage after one of the most powerful tremors ever to hit the region
BREAKING “Mega Mega 7.8 Quake Hits Honduras As Tsunami Warnings (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.10

Breaking: “Apocalypse Hits Australia” Dead Bats, Hail, Rain, Wind, Trains Abandoned” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mysterious bright flash and 'ground shaking explosion' over Russia sparks fears of a US missile strike on North Korea, Jan.09

Breaking: "Strange Blue Comet" Behaving Strangley In Space (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mid-East Prophecy Update – January 7th, 2018 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.08

A staggering amount of U.S. retail stores closed in 2017 Incl.(VIDEO) Yahoo News
Record breaking number of car fires in the Netherlands this year: More than 10 per day!, Jan.07

What Is China HIDING UNDER The Desert? 10/30/17 (VIDEO) Youtube, Jan.06

BREAKING "Earthquake 4.4 Shakes Berkeley California" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.04

China Moves Massive Amount of Troops to North Korean Border (VIDEO) Youtube/Israeli Nesws Live
BREAKING "Iran Protest May Turn Very Ugly But General Says Over" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.03

BREAKING "Iran Is Falling Apart 20 Dead Riots Everywhere" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Mid-East Prophecy Update – December 31st, 2017 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.02

The Newscast You Weren't Supposed To See (VIDEO) Youtube
FROM RAPTURE TO REVELATION: 2018 May Be The Year We See Long-Awaited Bible Prophecy Fulfilled In Jerusalem, Jan.01