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South Korea Reports 123 New Coronavirus Cases; Italy Declares State Of Emergency: Virus Updates Incl.(VIDEO)
Red Alerts Rocket Attacks Israel (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Quake kills seven in Turkey -- A magnitude-5.7 earthquake has killed seven people in southeastern Turkey and collapsed hundreds of buildings, officials say.
The Coronavirus Threatens the Global Economy (VIDEO) CNBC
Frank Gaffney: China Not Telling the Truth About Coronavirus (VIDEO) CBN News
Prophecy: "Apocalyptic Locust Swarm Middle East" / Coronavirus Update (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Feb.23

CDC Preparing for Possibility of Coronavirus Pandemic Spread inside the United States
The Days Of Noah And Lot Are Here!!! (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88
Israel closes borders to East Asia (VIDEO) Youtube/ILTV Israel News
Unexplainable Events Happening in 2020! (VIDEO) Youtube/Jason A
Jewish Activist Yehuda Glick Speaks Out Following His Arrest on Temple Mount (VIDEO) Youtube, Feb.22

10 Plagues That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously
Uganda deploys military to combat locust plague as devastation intensifies
LOCUST PLAGUE! Amazing swarms around people, houses & cars! 20th Feb 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube, Feb.21

Breaking "Rabbi Yehudah Glick Arrested Again Home Raided By Police" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Urgent! Apocalyptic MAJOR Info.! Share before Removed. Shalom!! WFS!!! (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson, Feb.19

760 Million People On Lockdown! (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007
Prophecy: Rabbi Glick Arrested On Temple Mount Congressman Jim Jordan (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Coronavirus: NZ Post halts mail to and from China
Massive BIBLICAL LOCUST SWARM Reaches CHINA: LARGER Than NYC, New Jersey & Pennsylvania COMBINED (VIDEO) Youtube
AntiChrist Rising!! Ultra Orthodox Rabbis declare Messiah appearing any moment. (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson, Feb.18

LIKE THE BOOK OF EXODUS: Biblical Plague Of Locust Armies Numbering In The Billions Destroying Large Sections Of Africa And The Middle East Incl.(VIDEO)
Bible Prophecy Update February 16, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD
"The Coming Third Temple"- Prophecy Update (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88, Feb.17

We received an urgent call for Prayer from China! (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
"wake up All China Citizen !!" she said (VIDEO) Youtube
"The Four Horsemen Are Preparing To Gallop!!!"- Prophecy Update (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88
Croatian Post Suspends Delivery of Small Packages from China
Sodom & Gomorrah, Mount Sodom, Lot's Wife, and Amazing New Discoveries! -- See a powerful video about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, and witness amazing new discoveries that confirm their existence and location. God chose to destroy these wicked cities, and all throughout the Bible He speaks of Sodom and Gomorrah as an example of judgment to come for those who reject Him. Prepare yourself to be touched as you watch this unique video! (VIDEO) Youtube/HolyLandSite, Feb.16

Prophecy Alignment in the News 2/15/20. (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
China disinfects BANK NOTES and quarantines them for 14 days as Beijing announces 143 new coronavirus deaths and 2,641 additional cases while death toll hits 1,527 Incl.(VIDEO)
Coronavirus: First death confirmed in Europe
Chaos Is Coming: US To Start Testing People With Flu Symptoms
China Is Disintegrating: Steel Demand, Property Sales, Traffic All Approaching Zero (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Feb.15

Huge Meteorite Hits India, Leaves 20-ft Deep Crater and Turns Night into Day (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Feb.14

End Times Signs! Russia Earthquake, Pandemic and Solar Winds graded our Way!! (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
Breaking "CORONAVIRUS Confirmed Cases And Death Toll Explodes On The World Stage Today" (VIDEO) Youtube/Begley
Breaking “Mega 6.9 Quake Shakes Russia” (VIDEO) Youtube/Begley, Feb.13

Coronavirus: first case confirmed in London as major tech event cancelled – latest news
Breaking "LIVE From White House" / Peace Deal Update (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Feb.12

Breaking “China CORONAVIRUS and FOOD SHORTAGE” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
London police deploy face scan tech, stirring privacy fears -- LONDON (AP) — London police started using facial recognition cameras on Tuesday to automatically scan for wanted people, as authorities adopt the technology that has raised concerns about increased surveillance and erosion of privacy..., Feb.11

Bible Prophecy Update with Guest Speaker Barry Meguiar – February 9th, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Feb.10

Strange Events are Happening Worldwide! (2020) (VIDEO) Youtube/Jason A
Breaking "Apocalyptic Winds And 50 Foot Waves UK, Ireland" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Bill Gates commissions $645 MILLION 370-foot eco-friendly luxury superyacht powered by liquid hydrogen that will let it travel nearly 4,000 miles before it needs to refuel Incl.(VIDEO)
Singapore issues advisory for financial sector amid higher virus alert level, Feb.09

Live Updates: Soldier Kills at Least 17 People in Mass Shooting in Thai Shopping Mall Incl.(VIDEO)
'We're basically at a pandemic now': Mayo Clinic physician on coronavirus (VIDEO) Youtube/CNBC
'We can't stop': Funeral worker says Wuhan cremating ‘at least 100’ bodies a day amid coronavirus outbreak, Feb.08

Breaking "14 Isreali Soldiers Run Over in Jerusalem" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
BREAKING: China to quarantine city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, causing “mad rush” to Hong Kong as (infected) citizens flee to other nations Incl.(VIDEO), Feb.07

China President Not Seen for 5 days . . . Incl.(VIDEO)
Coronavirus Outbreak in China 'Much Worse' than Officially Reported, Claim Wuhan Residents Incl.(VIDEO)
Bible Prophecy Update – February 2nd, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Feb.03

No Place to Hide (Part 1) – Pastor Billy Crone (VIDEO) Youtube/Jan Markell
"Prophecy in Today's News" - 1/24/2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Mark Correll Ministries
Nobody Can Explain This! (2020 EVENTS) (VIDEO) Youtube/Jason A
Wake Up!!! | Are We Witnessing Exodus 2.0??? (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88, Feb.02

It Begins! CDC Issues Mandatory Quarantine to Wuhan Passengers In California (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Feb.01

Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Says That Pope Francis Is Fulfilling The Revelation Prophecy Of The Coming Synagogue Of Satan, Jan.31

6G Is Predicted by Docomo to Bring AI Everywhere Around The Planet (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Jan.30

A Plague Of "Billions" Of Locusts Threatens To Create Horrific End-Times Famine Across Africa
Interesting email from Neil Lipken Neil Lipken, Jan.29

Buildings In Miami Evacuated After Magnitude 7.7 Earthquake Off Coast Of Jamaica Incl.(VIDEO)
Alert Prophecy Watchers! The Earth is already shaking. 7.3 quake hits between Jamaica and Cuba. (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
Breaking "MEGA Quake 7.7 Huge Hits Jamaica (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update 1-27-20 -- The growing surveillance society Youtube
Palestinian Demonstrators In Ramallah Set Fires To Protest Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Without Having Heard Any Of The Actual Details Of It, Jan.28

Three Rockets Thought To Be Fired By Iran Score Direct Hits On The US Embassy In Baghdad Located In Heavily-Fortified Green Zone In Iraq
Bible Prophecy Update – January 26th, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.27

State of Emergency Declared In Hong Kong, People Start To Turn On Chinese Gov (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Jan.26

New Dizdar, Quayle and Hagman Show - Absolute Must Watch! (VIDEO)
Netanyahu and Gantz to visit White House. Peace Plan to be revealed. (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
People Flee Their Homes After Massive 6.8 Earthquake In Eastern Turkey, Felt As Far Away As Israel, Leaves 18+ Dead With Over 300 Injured Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.25

Breaking: "Blazing Blue Meteor Hits Israel And United Kingdom" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.24

Clearview AI App Allows Strangers To Instantly Retrieve All Your Personal Information Simply by Snapping Your Picture As They Pass You On The Streets Incl.(VIDEO)
Breaking “Alaska 6.2 Powerful Quake Shakes The Tanaga Volcano” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.23

First Case of Mystery Coronavirus Found In Washington State- CDC (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Jan.21

Bible Prophecy Update – January 19th, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD
Herod's Pagan Temple (VIDEO) Youtube
Revelation 13 // So How Close Are We? (VIDEO) Youtube, Jan.20

United States Commits To Fully Supporting The Chrislam Abrahamic Faiths Initiative As VP Mike Pence Prepares For Private Meeting With Pope Francis At Vatican Next Week

Amazon Go Cashierless Stores Will Soon Allow Customers To Use Their Palms To Process Payment As World Moves Closer To Mark Of The Beast Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.19

More Evidence Continues To Come Out Pointing To The Fact That Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself But Was In Fact Murdered In His Prison Cell Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.18

Disney Introduces: 'Demon' who Trains Children to be Witches
3 Volcanic Eruptions From 3 Different Countries In 3 Days
Breaking "Powerful 5.2 Quake Shakes Puerto Rico Again Damage" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
"The Mystery Of The Rapture": The Trumpet Of God Is About To Sound!!! (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88, Jan.16

Taal volcano eruption could be a threat to millions and the global climate Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.15

The Pentagon has a laser that can identify people from a distance—by their heartbeat
US Navy Says That UFOs Spotted In 2004 And 2015 Represent A ‘Grave Threat’ To National Security And Has No Plans To Officially Release Them Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.14

Bible Prophecy Update – January 12th, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.13

A mega-swarm of Biblical proportion: Yesterday's mag 6.5 in Puerto Rico was only 1 of 4,000 quakes in the area since January 2019 and almost 1,000 since Dec 28th
Could The Rapture Be In 2020? (VIDEO) Youtube/Robert Breaker, Jan.12

5.8 earthquake, more than 13 aftershocks hit Puerto Rico l ABC News (VIDEO) Youtube/ABC News, Jan.11

Bill Salus: Showdown with Iran (VIDEO) Prophecy Watchers, Jan.10

Breaking "Russia Hit With 6.3 Quake Powerful Blast" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Unexpected Electrical Shockwave and Magnetic Anomaly Reported In Norway (VIDEO) Youtube/DAHB007, Jan.09

Hezbollah Says They Will Attack Israel If United States Responds To Iran Missile Attack By The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps On Tuesday Incl.(VIDEO)
RED ALERT: "Iran Strikes 2 US Military Bases With Rockets" / Cyber Attacks Also (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.08

US satellites and spy planes spot missiles in Iran on 'full alert' to launch – WW3 fears Incl.(VIDEO)
Breaking “MEGAQUAKE Hits Puerto Rico 6.4 As 1 Dead Many Hurt” / Australia Mega Fires Rage On (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.07

Breaking "Powerful 5.8 Quake Hits Puerto Rico" Massive Damage (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Digital Giant Samsung Causing Stir At CES 2020 Technology Show With The Unveiling Of Their Neon AI Brand 'Core R3' Artificial Human Tomorrow Incl.(VIDEO)
Bible Prophecy Update – January 5th, 2020 (VIDEO) Youtube/Pastor JD, Jan.06

Amir Tsarfati: Special Middle East Update (VIDEO) Youtube
Iran Raises The Persian Red Flag of War (VIDEO) Youtube/Israeli News Live
Iran says will no longer abide by nuclear deal limits
Britain Sends Two Warships And Mobilizes SAS Troops To Persian Gulf As UK Prepares For Revenge From Iran In Middle East After Rocket Attack Today Incl.(VIDEO)
US said seeing signs Iran prepping ballistic missiles as Tehran vows revenge
In An Unprecedented Move, Iran Raises The Red Flag Of Battle For First Time In History In Stunning Harbinger Of ‘A Great Battle’ On The Horizon Incl.(VIDEO)
US Base Comes under Mortar Attack (VIDEO) Youtube/Israeli News Live
Iran threatens Tel Aviv, US bases in Middle East after killing of Soleimani, Jan.05

Breaking News! New Airstrikes North of Baghdad. War Imminent?! (VIDEO) Youtube/Tim Henderson
Australia Is Burning | The Red Flag Of War Rises In Iran (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88, Jan.04

Breaking "Iran Top General Qassem Soleimani Killed By USA" (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley
Breaking “Top Iranian Militants Killed At Baghdad Airport USA Drone Strike” (VIDEO) Youtube/Paul Begley, Jan.03

Pope Francis has apologized after slapping a woman’s hand as he greeted pilgrims at the Vatican on New Year’s Eve. Incl.(VIDEO)
“Pope Francis And The Coming One World Religion”- Prophecy Update (VIDEO) Youtube/Watchman On The Wall 88, Jan.02

RUMOURS OF WAR: Thousands Of Pro-Iranian Militia Storm US Embassy In Baghdad Shouting “Death To America” As President Trump Says “Iran Will Pay” Incl.(VIDEO), Jan.01